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FullAuto AWS Installer Dashboard: FullAuto-AWS-Installer-Dashboard-MSWin.exe

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FullAuto AWS Installer Dashboard Zip:

Windows Setup: Setup-FullAuto-V1.0000359-MSWin.exe

To Install on Unix, Linux or from a Cygwin terminal:   perl -MCPAN -e "install Net::FullAuto"

FullAuto Process Automation - How it Works (3.29.15).docx


FullAuto Documentation

use Net::FullAuto;
($stdout,$stderr,$exitcode)=$localhost->cmd("echo 'Hello World'");
print $stdout;

Welcome to the FullAuto Project web server, The FullAuto Project was launched in 2000 to develop a complete Open Source, Centralized, PERSISTENT, Secure, Network Process Automation Utility. FullAuto is the first of its kind. With FullAuto, the Network IS the computer. FullAuto uses SSH, SFTP, and even legacy protocols like TELNET and FTP to combine command line environments on multiple computers into one common "command center" where real-time access to all nodes is persistently maintained, and where complex network-wide processes can be automated in ONE instruction set (or script) on ONE all-controlling host. FullAuto is a paradigm shift in computing in that it successfully implements true distributed computing from a single centralized "command" without the need for ANY software agents or associated components on remote devices. No other software functions like FullAuto. There are no barriers with FullAuto. If you can do it manually, you can do it automatically with FullAuto.